5 Ways To Have A Dog And A Clean Home

Dogs are certainly mans best-friend. This is because of the love and cares human beings display about dogs. Most homes have dogs as a pet just to cuddle with when you need some love or to play around with. One may buy a dog or is gifted with a dog only for the love of them and the friendliness they display as your best friend. However, having a dog in your home is one thing while keeping your house clean is another thing. This is because of how dogs may be. If your dog is not well trained you may have quite a lot to do in terms of tidiness. Dogs are quite playful and may end up having your house quite messy. You need not worry though as there are ways to handle this.

Here are 5 ways to have a dog and a clean home:

1. Use an automatic vacuum

As the dog’s fur is always messy if left alone as the dogs keep jumping from one end to another, you need a vacuum. This is because the automatic vacuum will always suck away the far as you move by. Dogs are quite playful and restraining it if its a house dog is more of torture to it. This hence means that the best way about it is to have a vacuum that will help you out. It’s not only the far that you will be doing away with as the dog may be quite dusty from time to time and you may need to suck off the dust too.

2. Have stain removers

Dogs may pee or stool your house often. Your carpets and seats are always on danger for this. This is why you always need stain removers close by so that once this mess occurs you will have a way to deal with it. The stain removers may comprise of homemade ones as well as off-the-shelf stain removers. They will help you get rid of the stain for good and not leave your house messy having stains on surfaces and your precious furniture.

3. Train your dog

Dogs learn quite first if well trained. You need to train your dog on basic etiquette such as where to feed and where to take a call on. This will reduce the amount of dirt that will be in your house. You need your home to be always tidy and a dog is like a kid if you teach it will learn and behave. The dog should be trained in such a way that there will be a mutual understanding between you and it so that cleanliness will be achieved.

4. Wipe its paws

Dogs paws are always in contact with the floor. This is why you need to always clean the dog’s paws as often as possible so that it may stay clean. The paws are easy to wipe and you may use a wet wipe or a wet disinfected towel for this. This can be done when you have had your dog outside the house and you need it inside also.

5. Give pedicures

Dogs are quite grumpy and may end up tearing off your carpets with their claws. This is why you need to always cut them short and trim them. Once you do this you are eliminating dirt that may be in the claws and could end up in your house and food. The claws need a nail cutter and you can do this to your best friend as you wash its feet while cleaning it – read more on how to keep dog healthy.

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